Our Vision

Triangularity strives to be the premium knowledge and policy-support organization for social-impact enterprises which focus on innovation as well as for the governments and organizations seeking to encourage and assist these enterprises.

We believe it is grass-roots businesses and entrepreneurs who must be the driving force behind economically, environmentally and socially sustainable solutions to the unique (and common) problems faced by cities, regions and countries.

Why? Because

  • The best solutions come from those who have an intimate knowledge of the problems to be solved – and personal incentives for creating sustainable solutions.
  • Governments and international development organisations very often do not have the knowledge and resources needed for designing effective solutions or implementing them over the long term. On the other hand, they can increase their impact by creating environments and incentives that stimulate the private sector to develop creative and financially sustainable solutions.
  • Social-impact business solutions have multiplier effects since they:
  • a) Create employment.
  • b) Contribute taxes to pay for public services.
  • c) Have built-in incentives for providing their solutions on a long-term basis.

Triangularity aims to help entrepreneurs create solutions to their communities’ problems – using technology, innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit. We want to help you build sustainable prosperity and, through you, we hope to contribute to a future of opportunity for all.

Innovation for a Better World

Welcome to the Beta Version of our Stage 1 Web Site. During the Beta Test of Stages 1 and 2, all information will be available free of charge to all registered users.

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