The Story Behind our Name

The story behind Triangularity starts in a high school algebra class where the teacher frequently referred to changes in variables as the Delta, writing this term on the blackboard with the Greek letter (Δ). Ever since then, Triangularity’s founder has used Δ as shorthand for the word “change” when taking notes.

And what is Triangularity about? It is about providing the tools needed to create the Δ you need in order to move from where you, your organization, your community, your country, your world are today – to where you want them to be tomorrow.

Triangularity represents the Δ we will help you to achieve – using technology, innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit. The Δ needed in order to create sustainable economic prosperity and offer a future of opportunity to all.

Innovation for a Better World

Welcome to the Beta Version of our Stage 1 Web Site. During the Beta Test of Stages 1 and 2, all information will be available free of charge to all registered users.

If you have comments or suggestions, please send them using the e-mail form under Contact Us  – we look forward to hearing from you

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